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Legal representation and consultation of corporate clients and natural persons in the field of:

  • Economic and financial criminal law: assistance of defendants accused of fraudulent bankruptcy (articles 216 of RD 267/42)

  • Corporate crimes ascribed to directors and statutory auditors (articles 2631 of the Italian Civil Code);

  • Frauds (Article 640 of the Italian Criminal Code), other property related crimes;

  • Public and private corruption ofenses/bribery (Article 318 of the Italian Criminal Code) also between private individuals (Article 2635 of the Italian Civil Code);

  • Tax crimes, i.e. tax evasion, fraudulent tax declaration, issuance of invoices for non-existent transactions, non-payment or withholdings of VAT ( Legislative Decree No. 74/2000);

  • Money laundering, recycling (Article 648-bis of the Criminal Code and Legislative Decree No. 231/2007);

  • Employer's negligence, professional negligence;

  • Corporate compliance law and preventive systems;

  • Environmental crimes: waste water discharges, storage, disposal and landfills of waste (Legislative Decree 152/06);

  • Embezzlement (Article 314 of the Italian Criminal Code);

  • Smuggling in the movement of goods across borders (Presidential Decree 43/1973);

  • Building/construction abuses (DPR 380/2001), ofenses in the field of fire prevention, especially with regard to certifications issued by professionals ;

  • Illegal data processing (Legislative decree 196/2003);

  • Violations of intellectual property (Law 633/1941);

  • Revelation of scientific or industrial secrets (Article 623 of the Criminal Code);

  • Counterfeiting  (Article 473 of the Criminal Code);

  • Personal injury (Article 590 of the Criminal Code) and manslaughter (Article 589 of the Criminal Code), defamation, violations in hunting matters (l. 157/92), in the food sector (articles 439, 440, 442, 443, 444, 452 and l. 283/62) and sports, especially in relation to the phenomenon of doping.

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