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Studio dell'avv. Raffaele Bergaglio

An exclusively Criminal Law Firm

We are an exclusively Criminal Law Firm which handles all types of criminal offences, with specific expertise in financial, business and corporate crimes (so called "white-collar" crimes) and corporate compliance. We provide criminal defence of individuals and companies as well as expert advise and support to corporations, business owners and managers on compliance in Italy, corporate and personal criminal risk prevention.


The legal office is founded and run by avv. Raffaele Bergaglio with the support of a team of highly talanted and specialized associates and assistents with a genuine passion for criminal law and strong motivation.



Working languages in our office beside Italian are also English, German, Bulgarian and Russian. 


National and International Collaboration

We work closely with other law firms from different practice areas (such as administrative, civil and commercial law) in Milan and throughout Italy where interdisciplinary approach is required. Throughout our work on international cases and participation in many professional organisations we have established close partnerships with a number of foreign law firms, especially in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Bulgaria. 

Over the years we have built a network of professionals from different areas and sectors, such as tax and financial consultants, engineers and architects, PR Agencies, Public Affair and Lobbying Agencies and others as the more complex cases usually require a specific technical expertise and party experts' whitness statements which we entrust to the most reputable specialists in the field concerned. 

Third-Party References

Our law office is a member of a number of professional and business organizations and associations, to which you can revert for a third-party reference or opinion on our work (i.e. AHK Milan - the Representation of the German Chamber of Commerce in Italy, Advantage Austria, Milan - the commercial consolate of Austria in Milan, The penal Chamber/Bar Association in Milan). Should you have any queries, you are welcome to ask us and we will gladly serve you with further information on our work and references. 

Some recently concluded (last one year) and current cases we work on:
- major media covered case of alleged tax crimes, money laundering, false declarations, concerning a monetary value of many tens of millions of euros, allegedly comitted by a business owner and financial consultant; 

- defense of a person accused to be part of an international criminal organisation for tax evasion and VAT frauds;

- defense of bank management in a large scale nationwide fraud case;

- defense of a foreign insurance company operating in Italy as offended party in a large fraud case and obtaining a significant compensation for damages;

- defense of an international business organisation as offended party against an ex-employee in connection to illegal data processing and obtaining a significant value damage compensation for moral damages;

- advising and assisting one of the worldwide leader in retail on internal organization of representative powers, compliance and criminal risk prevention with view of maximal protection of the legal representatives and board of directors from criminal lawsuits;

- drafting, editing and optimization of compliance models for companies from different industries, participation in supervisory bodies;

- defense of a lawyer against charges of bribery and manipulation of public tender process in the biggest corruption case in the region Lombardia;

- defense of various professionals, especially lawyers and tax consultants against charges connected to crimes allegedly conducted in relation to their professional activity;

- defense of a politician against charges for embezzlement; 

- famous media covered case of regional and nationwide importance filed against top managers and other employees of a foreign owned Italian subsidiary in the filed of environmental criminal ofenses;

- defense of one of the many accused employees and his international employer in a major media covered criminal case with charges concerning professional negligence, negligence in the workplace and manslaughter in connection to one of the worst railway incidents in Italy;

- defense of a large group of international investors in the renewable energy sector (as a third party) in the biggest civil forfeiture / confiscation case in Italy;

- defense of a foreign business owner against charges in Italy and seizure of a €12 million yacht;

- different bankruptcy fraud cases against foreign nationals - business owners and managers in Italy, as well as against Italian citizens;


- defense of the offended parties - two foreign business owners- in a large scale international fraud case conducted from Italy;

- defense of several companies in cases for frauds with damages ranging from hundrets of thousends of euros up to several millions;

- defense of an international business owner against charges for breach of embargo laws concerning trade activities with countries of the Middle East; 

- defense of the victims of an incident concerning an exploded yacht and severe personal injuries;

- many other different cases for violation of the safety rules on the workplace and injuries to employees as well as death cases, i.e. defense of the general manager (foreign national) of an Italian subsidiary of an Internaitonal corporation from charges related to a workplace incident with severe injuries to an employer; defense of the relatives of the employee who lost his life in a deadly workplace incident, negotiations of the compensation with the other party and the insurance company; defense of an injured employee in the penal case against the employer and many others;

- defense of the victims, as well as of the wrongdoer in a number of pending road traffic accidents penal cases with severe damages to persons and property;

- many cases of falsifications of documents, defamation, stalking, data theft, rip-deal and others.

Please consider, that the mentioned cases constitute only a part of our work, which we hope, can give you a general idea of our law practice. For more details, please don't hesitate to contact us. Should you need third party references / recommendations you are welcome to contact us and we will gladly provide you with a list of clients and/or business organisations who would give you their opinion on our law practice. 





- Penal chamber of Milan (Bar Association)

- Milan Bar Association 

- DAV Italy (Association of the German Lawyers, Italian Branch)

- DACH (Association of the European German Speaking Lawyers)

- DSV (Association of the German speaking Criminal Lawyers)

- Association for the cultural exchange between the italian and german lawyers

- German-Italian Commercial Chamber, Milan

- Member of the disciplinary commission at the Chamber of the engineers and architects

Arco della Pace, Milan



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