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Welcome to the website of the Legal Office of avv. Raffaele Bergaglio, a boutique criminal defense law firm in the heart of Milan

On our website you can:

  • Find out who we are and what we can do to protect you from or against criminal prosecution in Italy or what you can do if you have become a victim of a crime;

  • Get useful information on the most frequently charged white-collar crimes in Italy, which build the core practice areas of our legal office, such as bankruptcy fraud, tax crimes (tax evasion and others), money laundering, general fraud, other property crimes, public and private corruption, competition offences, insider trading, construction crimes, accidents, injuries and death in the workplace, workplace safety violations, environmental crimes, professional liability crimes, other economic crimes.

  • Understand the role of corporate compliance systems in Italy;


  • Check the types of documents and official notifications which can be served to the occused or to the victim by the Italian authorities (citations, summons, subpoena, etc.). The section “Service of documents” is intended to give you a brief overview of the documents/notifications you might have received form the Italian judicial authority (e.g. the Procura della Repubblica - the Italian Public Prosecutor or State Attorney) in the first part of the criminal proceedings. At this early stage the investigated person is usually surprised by the service of such document from the Italian authorities and is eager to understand what it means and how to behave. We hope that our section "Service of documents" will provide you that first glimps and orientation you need in this crucial moment. 


We hope that this website could result useful for your needs. Any feedback and improvement suggestions will be highly appreciated.








         Via Passione 8 - 20122 - MILANO 

         +39 02 36539640





  • Nationwide representation in court proceedings and throughout the investiagtion stage;

  • Criminal complaints, private prosecution;

  • Claiming compensation for criminal damage in Italy (compensation to crime victims);

  • Defense investigations;

  • Expert regulatory compliance consulting, drafting and optimization of Compliance Models;

  • Participation in Supervisory Bodies of Corporations;

  • Corporate internal investigations, Internal Whistleblowing systems;

  • Steady partnerships with interdisciplinary professionals, such as public affairs and lobbying agency, private investigators, PR agencies, as well as with other legal offices nation- and worldwide. 



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